MU30 Member Spotlight: Myown Holmes

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Member Spotlight – Myown Holmes

Meet Myown Holmes. She’s an ambitious entrepreneur who currently lives in the Maryland area. Myown’s area of expertise is Social Media Marketing and her goal for 2017 is to do more webinars and mentor the youth about entrepreneurship.

We’re glad to have Myown is a member of the Maryland Under 30 network and we hope you get a chance to meet her at one of our upcoming events in July. 

First & Last Name: Myown Holmes
Company Name : Socially Polished
Hometown : Washington, D.C.
Current City : Gaithersburg, MD
Occupation : Owner
Degree/Education Level : B.A. Communications
Area of Expertise : Social Media Marketing
Professional Organizations : n/a
Recent Accomplishment : n/a
Goal for 2017 : Do more Webinars, and speak more to the youth about entrepreneurship
Astrology Sign : Virgo
Marital Status : Married
Hobbies : Exercise, Listening to Music, Networking, Shopping, Traveling, Reading, Family Time, Dancing, Watching Movies
Favorite MD Restaurant : n/a
Are you a Pet Owner : No
Favorite Quote :
Biggest Pet Peeve : Lying
Instagram/Snapchat Account :

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