MU30 Member Spotlight: Marianna Hyera

Member Spotlight – Marianna Hyera

Meet Marianna Hyera. She’s an ambitious young professional who lives in the Maryland area and works as an Licensed Insurance Broker for Premier Financial Alliance.

Marianna`s area of expertise is Living Benefits Life Insurance and her goal for 2017 is to be working full time on her company. When Marianna is not working, she enjoys exercising, listening to music, shopping, traveling, spending time with family and learning new things.

We’re glad to have Marianna is a member of the Maryland Under 30 network and we hope you get a chance to meet her at one of our upcoming events in September. 

First & Last Name : Marianna Hyera
Hometown : Washington, D.C.
Current City : Silver Spring, MD
Occupation : Insurance Broker
Degree/Education Level : B.A. in Economincs
Area of Expertise : [Recruitment] [Training] [Living Benefits Life Insurance] [Retirement Planning] [401k Rollover] [Annuities] [College Savings]
Recent Accomplishment : Promotion
Goal for 2017 : Become Full-Time In My Business
Marital Status : Single
Hobbies : Exercise, Listening to Music, Shopping, Traveling, Business/Organization, Reading, Family Time, Eating Out, Hiking, Learning New Things
Biggest Pet Peeve : Inconsideration 


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